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5 Ways to a Healthier You

If like me you struggle with the idea of being healthy, well you're not alone. Sometimes it can be hard to even workout where to begin. It's not even about going all out, am I right?

It's not easy being a sassy girl boss, that's why it's important to make sure you take care of yourself and that includes thinking about your heath. I struggle with being healthy as well as with looking after myself. This year I want to change that and make being healthy a priority. 

That being said I'm not about to cut out all my favourites. To me it's hard enough without banning myself from all my favourite things. I look at it as more of a lifestyle choice. The word diet really doesn't appeal to me. So if you like me you're struggling to get yourself healthy or to look after yourself, don't worry. For me being healthy starts with making some small changes. 

Drinking Water. Yes I said it. It's simple but doesn't mean it's easy. I find it hard to make sure I drink enough don't ask me how but I kinda just forget. Drinking has been my number one goal. I have been doing well so far, but as I'm sure you already know, water isn't that great. It might be great for your body but it can get boring tastewise. 

Walk, Get up move. I sit at a desk all day and it can be easy to be lazy. For me it's all about getting up every hour to stretch my legs, it's also good for clearing your mind. I use my fit bit to give me reminders.It's a great piece of kit and who couldn't do with being reminded, after all when you're busy time can fly. Another thing I do is on my lunch, providing their's no rain I get up and go on 10 minute walk. It helps refresh me ready to tackle the afternoon. 

Snacks, Now I'll confess now I am a snacker. I didn't think I was but I am. It would be okay excpet I gravitate towards sugary snacks. My savour has been the Nakd Bars. I didn't think they'd be that great but actually they're so tasty and I can't get enough of them. 

Balance. Easier said then done, am I right? This is something I always aspire to do. I am doing this as a lifestyle change not a diet. That means letting myself have that pack of sweets or perhaps having that decadent slice of chocolate cake. I mean who could resist. All it means is choosing when to have it. Not having it all the time is a start. I have it as a reward when I feel like I've earnt it and you know what, I find myself enjoying it even more then I did before. It's my little victory. 

Reducing Sugar. I left the hardest for last. As I said previously I used to snack on sugary things, so for me this is super hard. I've always had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember.Which I know isn't good. That's why it's time for a change. I'm still allowing myself to have some of the treats but just not as frequently. 

It's never easy trying to make a change or to get healthy, well, unless you're one of the lucky ones. It's never come easy for me. For me making little changes is a perfect way to start. They say it takes a couple of weeks to break and form habits, so here goes nothing. All of this is made easier with my Fitbit as it helps me to keep track of everything from food to exercise. It's like my own personal coach.  

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  1. Great tips - definitely drinking more water and reducing sugar will make a huge difference. I think doing just those 2 things alone would make a big impact on energy levels and things like concentration.
    You're right, it isn't easy to make changes, but the smallest ones add up and eventually become habits!


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