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10 Things They Don't Tell You About Puppies

10 Things They Don't Tell You About Puppies

Last year we decided to get a puppy. No, not an already trained dog but a puppy. The decision was reaffirmed when my parent's dog had a litter of Minature Schnauzers. Who could resist when they're this cute.

I've grown up with dogs most of my life but that's a bit different. For starters, they were dogs and not puppies. Lastly, they weren't my responsibility. Ian and I became overthinking dog parents before Hubert even stepped foot in our home. We wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing before actually bringing him home. I obvs didn't want to be unprepared and panicked a little. 

As the puppies were my parents we saw them from the day after they were born so we got to bond. We soon picked our cutie. Well, we picked him at about 2 weeks old. I know at that time they were so small but we just knew. I had a meltdown when I saw them at 4 weeks as I couldn't tell which one he was. It was like that moment in friends where Rachel gets upset about not being able to see her baby. That was me, I cried and everything. A bit dramatic I know. 

When we finally brought Hubert home just before Christmas we were so excited and thought we were prepared for a puppy. 


There are things they don't tell you about puppies and we have been learning that along the way. 

  1. They sleep a lot. 
  2. They get sudden bursts of energy at the wrong time
  3. It's little like having a toddler
  4. They're used to company. I mean come on they had their siblings
  5. It's a learning process for the both of you
  6. They will chew things and find even the smallest thing they shouldn't chew
  7. Ice cubes help with teething
  8. There's no right or wrong, each puppy is different
  9. They love cables
  10. Patience is key

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