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48 Hours in Manchester

Manchester feels like a hope away from home. It’s been five years since we last visited Manchester but still it has that same feeling of vibrancy and friendliness. We’d much prefer to come here than go to London. 

We opted for a staycation as we didn’t have the money to go away but also because we wanted the chance to explore our own country. It was the perfect mix of relaxing and sightseeing. We choose to travel up by train. Other than travelling to London on the train I have really done any trips by train. We got a good deal from where we live in Kent to get the train up to Manchester. We did of course change at London. The Virgin trains weren’t what I expected but to be honest I am not sure what I was expecting. I love their app Beam for free movies, tv, magazines and more. It gives you that added extra. 

So let’s talk about what to eat and do in Manchester. 

Places to Eat

When traveling places to eat are always top of our list. We don’t always venture to try new things but we do try where we can. On this trip though we stuck with what we know. 

Hard Rock
Knowing there was a Hard Rock Cafe here we couldn’t not go. We went a little early and took advantage of happy hour with 2 for 1 on cocktails. Thing is after one cocktail we both felt a wooshy. Yes after one cocktail, but in fairness we don’t really drink. After that one we opted for non alcoholic cocktails which were fruity and fabulous.

If you didn’t know by now Wagamama’s is my favourite place to go. If I could have it everyday I probably would. Perhaps I actually need to learn to cook it. 

Places to Visit 

BBC Tours
The BBC tour is filled with fun facts like did you know only 50 members of staff actually work on air whilst the rest of the staff all work behind the scenes. It’s interesting facts like that that which make the tour. Well, that and I got to sit on a mock up of the BBC Breakfast sofa. Based in the Media City

Imperial War Museum
The Imperial War Museum is a magnificent building. I loved all the angles and shapes that it created. The exhibition was always really well done touring you through the years all the way up to today. In addition to this they projected all over the exhibition walls pictures whilst a voiceover took you through the ages. This was very impactful and brought the exhibition to life. 

Old Trafford
Whilst we didn’t actually have time to go here this time you shouldn’t miss seeing the home of the red devils. Manchester United’s Ground is amazing and the tour and museum brings the clubs history to life. Touring round the grounds has to be the best part as you get to sit in the dugout. I mean who does’t want to do that. 

If shopping is more your cup of tea then central Manchester is filled with all the shops you need. The Arndale is currently undergoing a a revamp but the part they’ve done so far looks amazing. I did some shopping of course and got some lovely bargains. 

Manchester was just what we needed which was a break to go and explore. If you are looking for a city break filled with interesting places, delicious food and shopping then Manchester is the place for you. 

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