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How to Relax and Destress

Now I'm going to pretend that I know all about relaxing and de-stressing because I don't. It isn't something that I have always been good at and I've had to teach myself to do it.

I think everyone goes through periods in their life that are stressful, everyone is different so the way in which stress comes will differ for many. This is why it's important to know how to relax and destress.

When I was younger I didn't realise and it would get to the point where it was so overwhelming and consuming that I would end up crying because I knew no other way. Part of this was due to not wanting to give up and to know I'd achieved something on my own. I didn't like to ask for help as I felt that it meant I was a failure. After many years I realised that it is okay to ask for help sometimes. We can't do everything on our own and sometimes help in some form is all we need. 

That being said that only relieves part of the situation. Over the years I've tried various things and whilst I have to say the best way for me to destress and relax is a holiday we can't go on one every time we get stressed. 

I have however found a few things that help me. So here's my how to relax and destress tips.

1. Bath
I've not always been a lover of baths. Not being one to like being still for too long them seemed like an odd thing to do. However, when finding Lush bath bombs a year or two ago I suddenly became a lover of baths. They're a great way to wind down after a long week and make me super relaxed for the weekend and the heavenly aromas from the Lush bath bombs add to being a super pampering experience. If not a nice long shower can be good too.

2. Yoga/Mediation
Whilst I have dipped in out of yoga over the years it is something that makes me feel calm and energised all in one. I don't know whether it's focusing on the moves and breathing or what exactly, but there is just something about it. 

3. Music
I love music and I find it very therapeutic. If I am feeling stressed and angry I just look for a good song and it helps. I get lost in the sound and lyrics and it give me mind something to focus on.

4. Lazy Days
When I say this I mean a day when Ian and I are at home and we just do absolutely nothing. Maybe a full on pyjama day where we watch movies and eat good food. Taking that time for a bit of us time where we forget about everything a just relax. These days are very rare, so when they come along they are perfect. Some of the best days have been where we made a fort and watched films. 

5. Walking
When I am feeling really stressed and restless all at the same time I find simply walking the best cure. 
Ian and I like to go on these in the late afternoon or evening. It's a great way to clear your mind whilst getting some exercise. 

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