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2019 Intentions

2019, eh? What you going to do? I have already spoken of my calm intentions for the year and summing into the word CALM but what does that really look like? 

I know in that post I spoke about having little plans but I thought about what makes me happy and what calm really looks like. I thought about what me time and calmness have in common and what brings me true happiness. Summed up, it’s loved ones, doing things I love and well, feeling good!

My intentions for the year are simple…

  1. Read More - At the end of 2018 I devoured a trilogy in a week and a half and it got me thinking more about books. As I child I loved books and since then there have been a rare few books that have actually interested me. The books I love all seem to be biographies by strong women. I mean girl power and all.This trilogy was fiction and I thought what other books could I fall in love with. So, this year I want to read more. I want to read a mix of books by different people and reread those books that I adore. I’m going to start small but I want to read 12 books in 12 months. 

  1. Get Outdoors - I love being outdoors and with Hubert we are definitely spending more time outside. This year I want to spend even more time outside which partly goes with my next intention for the year. There is something peaceful and calming about being in nature.

  1. Strengthen my mind and body - Last year I tackled depression and whilst I’m back to being me for the most part I feel I creep back into anxiety a lot quicker these days. That’s why I’m starting the year by focusing on my mind and body with the intention to build on it as the year goes on. I’ve started by joining a 30 Day Online Yoga class and taking up running. I am also being mindful of what I eat. So far so good. I have so much more energy and focus but more about that another time. 

  1. Create - I want to find my creativity again. I feel it got a little lost last year. I think it’s slowly coming back otherwise I wouldn’t have had the spark to write again. When I say create though it doesn’t mean to just write I want to make things to create things whatever that may be.

  1. Spending time with loved ones - I want to make the most out of the time with Ian and I also want to make more time for my family. That doesn’t mean saying yes to everything but it’s about getting some dates in the diary and making sure we actually see each other. That may seem easy but with my family it’s not. 

It may sound simple and it might be to you but to me it isn’t. I’m very quick to forget about what I want and like and this year I want to focus and bring a balance. After all I’m the only one that can make it happen. I figure going into the new year with a set of good intentions sets me off to the right start. Oh and lets get this clear, these are not resolutions. I have no time for resolutions. That’s not to say you shouldn’t set them but for me they don’t work. I feel like I’m almost setting myself up to fail. That’s not me being negative. It’s just that for me they are always these big unachievable goals. The last couple of years i’ve said enough is enough and stopped putting that pressure on myself. 

Here’s to less pressure and good intentions. We’ve got this!

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