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It’s been a while, and just like that I am back. 

Last year I planned to focus on my blog after saying what my intentions for 2019 were. Thing is life happens and well, the blog had to go on hiatus. 

January 2019 really set the tone for the year. I had focused all my time in January on getting myself in a good place mentally and physically. Little did I know it would put me in the right place for what was to come. 

On the last day of January we found out that having a baby was possible. With that our first round of IVF began. It was a magical journey that has ended with us having our beautiful baby boy Oakley. 

Although we saw the magic in IVF it did leave me exhausted. I had enough energy for work and to be going through the process but it left little energy for anything else. I actually had to stop and reprioritise everything. As I wanted to put my energy into IVF. We were very lucky that the first round worked so from IVF tiredness to pregnancy tiredness it’s been a bit of a whirlwind that I wouldn’t change for the world. If that wasn’t enough we decided to throw in home renovations and busy jobs. I had started working on a new project at work whilst Ian got the promotion he deserved. 

Ian and I always say odd years are the busiest and 2019 definitely was that. I managed to stay calm through it all and really focus on the positives so that I didn’t get stressed. 

As you can see there wasn’t much time for blogging. 

So, what’s in store for 2020? Well, I want to share our story so that perhaps it might help someone else. Whether it be to show you’re not alone or that it’s okay to talk about it. I also want to share our home renovations and my first year as a parent.

It is going to be a quieter year over here for the most part but I’m sure between my first year as a parent and returning to work it’s going to keep me on my toes. I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m choosing to look at the positives as there is so much good to come. 

Helping to keep me focused I have picked my word for 2020. I first started to pick a word to focus me back in 2018 when I chose, NURTURE. I then chose the word CALM for 2019 which was perfect for what was to come. This year though, my word is KINDNESS. 

Kindness because navigating our first year as parents is going to be filled with ups and downs. Kindness to remind me that we are always doing our best but sometimes we can be hard on ourselves when we should be treating ourselves with kindness. 

So, here is to being back and to a brighter and kinder 2020. 

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